Thank you for downloading From Six To Midnight!

“From Six to Midnight is a weird mix of sounds from a band that wears their influences clearly on their sleeves and yet still manages to carve out a style that isn’t quite like anything else out there.

And the more time you listen to the EP, the more you appreciate how much effort has been devoted to bringing this diverse collection of influences together in such a tight little package. It is well worth a listen” GoldenPlec ‘From six to Midnight’ Review, October 2012.

As a band we’re always trying to get new material out there. Being a musician isn’t a very well paid experience, guitars, pianos, basses, drums and microphones all cost money and as we’re giving our albums and EPs away for free, the pictures on this page help pay the bills to some degree. Of course there are the babes queuing up to catch the Clap and there ain’t no way round that!

Enjoy the EP!

take care, the Clap

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