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The Clap : Past Albums & Releases

Posted on March 31, 2013

Download 3 Free EPs from the Clap

2012 was a busy year for the Clap. We released 3 free EPs ‘Me Gusta El Clap!’,  ‘From Six to Midnight‘ and more recently, ‘Christmas with the Clap‘. Feel free to browse the ‘Free Music‘ section above to download the free EPs. Alternatively you can stream the EPs on the players below and check out our videos too.

We’re really looking forward to 2013, we did a lot last year as you can see from the music and video content on this page. We’re currently writing new material and plan on recording a full album in the coming months. Many of the songs on the album can be heard on our YouTube page, although, the final album recordings will be far more polished than the live versions. If you’d like to get in touch with us, just drop us a mail via the contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

1. From Six to Midnight

We released our second EP, ‘From Six to Midnight’, as a FREE download on Friday September 7th 2012. The second release is a more downbeat collection of tracks compared to the first EP. There are 5 songs in total ranging from rock sea shanties to hard rock medleys.

The EP is a 5 song free-to-download collection of original rock songs by the Clap and is a follow-up to the band’s first release ‘Me Gusta El Clap!’. We recorded the tracks for ‘From Six to Midnight‘ with the help of Steve Flynn. As always, we’ll continue to give free music away to generate interest and give something back to anyone who likes good rock music.

2. Me Gusta El Clap!

We released our first EP, ‘From Six to Midnight’ as a FREE download on Bloomsday, Saturday June 16th 2012. The record begins with an upbeat rock song with the second song being more of a rock spiritual about a murderous preacher. The final track on the EP is a lonesome cowboy song about a drunken girlfriend. It showcases only a small portion of the band’s repertoire but with free releases like ‘From Six to Midnight‘ and ‘Christmas with the Clap,’ it provides a taste of what the Clap are all about.

VIDEO: One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest

This video for ‘One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest‘ was the lead track on ‘Me Gusta El Clap!‘ and was recorded by Julianne Forde and Conor Dowling. It’s a zero-budget performance piece, with spaial effects being provided by a portable camping lamp from Lidl. The video was recorded live, for one night only, in mother Melinn’s sitting room the day after a big gig in Galway – Enjoy!

3. Christmas with the Clap

The band in’t afrid to have fun, so last year (2012)  we decided to record a Christmas Cover EP and give it away for free. As always, just click the ‘Free Music‘ section above.

It’s filled with festive cheer and the price is right too (free). This EP features such Yuletide favourites as ‘Merry Christmas (the War is Over)’, ‘Lonely this Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ amongst others.

Now for the special lifetime price of FREE, you too can enjoy the festive season with the Clap. Now remember, the Clap is for life…not just for Christmas!

Special thanks to Eoghan Reidy for designing the ‘Christmas with the Clap‘ EP cover on his lunch break and to Louis Boland for playing saxophone on the tracks. Not forgetting the amazing Stephanie & Elaine O’ Keeffe for adding some delightful vocals to these Yuletide classics. Also Stephanie sings ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ – thanks!

*  *  *

The Clap – Biog

 Formed in April 2012, the Clap are a 5-piece rock band from Dublin. Brothers, Cathal, Dara & Donal Melinn play piano, guitar and drums respectively, Daniel Knowles plays bass with Simon Moore on vocals.

We are influenced by Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Faith no More, Jefferson Airplane and Frank Zappa. The band has performed on Radio NOVA a number of times with many of the DJs admitting to be fans of the Clap.

Dara - Rocking with the Clap


We try to combine good lyrical writing with interesting music, for the most part avoiding clichés. After hearing us live or our EPs, people have said that they feel we write intelligent music. We also like to have fun with music, hence the name, the Clap.

We put a lot of time into writing and playing music but like to insert humour where possible. So far, we’ve built a catalogue of over 20 original songs in less than 8 months. Tracks range from upbeat rock songs to sea shanties and alt country tunes.


The Clap - Dublin Rock Band

Guitarist, Dara Melinn, recreating a scene from Mel Brooks’ sensational 1987 film ‘Spaceballs‘.

Each member had been playing in various bands in the Dublin music scene for a number of years until we decided to form the Clap. To date, we have gigged a number of times in in the Button Factory, the Thomas House, the Mezz, the Sweeney Mongrel, Cassidy’s and Eamonn Doran’s on the Green.


10pm – 28th September 2012

€5 Admission

  • Petty Needs
  • The Clap
  • Cops & Robbers
  • Leviticus

Fibbers (downstairs),
Parnel Street, Dublin 1


8pm – 16th September 2012

Pat Courtenay Presents

  • Eazy Tyger
  • The Harleys
  • The Clap

Admission €7

The Button Factory,
Templebar, Dublin 2

11pm – 7th September 2012

FREE Admission – with Music Medium Live

Sweeney Mongrel,
Dame Street, Dublin 2

10pm – 25th August 2012

FREE Admission with Super Happy Fun Times

Kenny’s Lounge,
James’ Street, Dublin 2

10pm – 17th July 2012

FREE Admission

Sweeney Mongrel,
Dame Street, Dublin 2

8.30pm – 26th June 2012

FREE Admission

Sweeney Mongrel,
Dame Street, Dublin 2

Live video for our new song “Shake

Read the gig review here

11pm – 15th June 2012

FREE Admission

Sweeney Mongrel,
Dame Street, Dublin 2

Christmas with The Clap

** Free Download **

Click on the image to download ‘Christmas with The Clap’ for FREE.

Track List

1. Jingle Bell Rock

2. Merry Christmas (the War is Over)

3. Lonely this Christmas

4. The Most Wonderful time of the Year

5. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree*

6. The Christmas Song

Featuring Stephanie* & Elaine O’ Keeffe on vocals with Louis Boland on Saxophone

Mixed & Recorded by Louis Boland.

Cover design by Eoghan Reidy

2012 © The Clap

From Six To Midnight

** Free Download **

Click on the image to download ‘From Six To Midnight’ for free.

Track List

  1. Cover To Cover
  2. The Sorrow
  3. Wait
  4. I Think I’m In Over My Head
  5. Eulogy

Mixed & Recorded by Louis Boland. Mastered by Richard Dowling.

Cover design by The Clap

2012 © The Clap

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Me Gusta El Clap!

** Free Download **

Click on the image to download ‘Me Gusta El Clap!’ for free.

Track List

  1. One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest
  2. Rev. Gun
  3. Whiskey Rose

Mixed & Recorded by Louis Boland. Mastered by Richard Dowling.

Cover design by Philip Salazar Fajardo.

2012 © The Clap

Read the GoldenPlec review of Me Gusta El Clap!

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